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The 5 Key Success Areas

Knowledge & Awareness

Key Objective: To increase the visibility and profile of active lifestyles and Sport for All and physical activity for politicians, administrators and citizens so that it is a continuous thread through all city initiatives and activities.

Knowledge and Awareness about the development of an active lifestyle and benefits of Sport for All and physical activity are prerequisites to the construction of an Active City program. It should reach citizens, political decision-makers and civil servants alike. Politicians shall understand and recognize benefits of being active and the central ideas of a physically active lifestyle so that resources are provided. Similarly, civil servants shall understand and recognize them so that the issue is put on the agenda for political decision-making. Finally, without sufficient understanding of drivers and outcomes, there is little motivation for citizens to increase their activity.

In order to increase the profile of active living in a city, it is crucial to implement a media and marketing campaign to increase awareness of the need for active lifestyles and opportunities available to achieve.  Cities should make use of an attractive and interactive website to promote their Active City campaign amongst citizens. But building knowledge and awareness within a community may take many other forms, including educational programs in schools, special promotional events and targeted information sessions.