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The 5 Key Success Areas

Key Objective: Provide fun, inspiring and effective interventions to create a lifelong love of Sport for All and physical activity.

Knowledge & Awareness about the benefits of being physically active are not sufficient to make active citizens or turn sedentary lifestyles to active ones.

A key factor to achieve this goal is the maintenance and development of access to a wide range of enjoyable activity opportunities that encourage participation and enable people to choose an active lifestyle.

Programs & Events cover a wide range of interventions that municipalities can deliver themselves, or encourage through other structures and stakeholders acting on their territory (e.g. schools, clubs, NGOs, etc.). They can be:

  • One or several day(s) events;
  • Short, middle or long term programs;
  • Targeted to the entire population of the city;
  • Targeted to a selected group (e.g. children, schools, youth, women, disabled people, elderly, etc.) for more specific results.
  • Etc.

It is important to understand the factors that contribute to great physical activity programs and events. These factors ensure that every participant has positive experience and opts-in to physical activity instead of opting out in favour of options of inactivity. These factors include:

  • Age Appropriateness
  • Fun
  • Universal Access
  • Focus on Motivation
  • Lead by competent leaders and instructors
  • Ability to give Feedback to participants
  • Safety
  • Environment free from physical and emotional threads
  • Embedment in social opportunities
  • Etc.

Finally, any event and program should ensure that participants will understand the importance of a regular ongoing participation in physical activity and that it is not enough to attend for example a one day event.