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Becoming an Active City

Welcome to the Triple AC - SportCityNet guide to become an active city!  Congratulations to you on your decision to develop an Active City in your location!  TAFISA and partners hope that it will help to increase physical activity in your city, contributing to quality and longevity of life of inhabitants.

This guide has been developed in collaboration with the SportCityNet partner cities and is based on the successful ‘Liverpool Active City’ model in the UK.

The Liverpool Active City model is an example of a holistic approach to ‘Creating an Active City’ and
the guide shows the key Steps that were taken to achieve this. 

It is also based on the 5 Key Success Areas (KSAs) which are the necessary elements of creating a holistic approach to increasing physical activity and fosterign active lifestyles.

The guide has been designed as a ‘step-by-step’ approach.  The later Steps depend on the earlier Pre-requisites and Objectives being completed, therefore it is recommended that each Step is undertaken in the order shown. 

How do I know where to start?

The Ratings and Objectives checklists enables cities to understand how much progress they have made already with their holistic approach, identifying which areas they could strengthen and where the gaps may be.

The Ratings system comprises Red, Amber and Green ratings as follows;

Red      =             No action currently being taken to achieve this Pre-requisite / Objective
Amber  =             Made some progress to achieve this Pre-requisite / Objective
Green   =             Pre-requisite / Objective fully achieved

It is a good idea to complete the Step 1 ‘Pre-requisites checklist’ first and then address any gaps ie. any ambers or reds!  You can then start to complete the ‘Objectives checklist’ and address any gaps.  When you have completed Step 1, you can then move onto the Step 2 ‘Pre-requisites checklist’ as shown here;

Further Support

We are here to help!  If you have any questions or need support and guidance around the SportCityNet guide or Liverpool Active City model, please contact;