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City of Slagelse

The municipality of Slagelse is a medium-sized Danish municipality which comprises both urban and rural areas, forests and long stretches of shore.

Home to some of the country’s best athletes, the Slagelse Municipality focuses on providing suitable physical surroundings for both elite and non-elite sports, and around 250 different sports clubs make use of the municipality’s many sport facilities. Organized sports activities is not the only concern of the municipality; local politicians also recognize the necessity of making initiatives that will encourage the entire population to become more physically active, and this is why Slagelse municipality also caters to the many people that prefer self-organized sports.

One of these initiatives is the design of the so-called “clover-tracks”; four different city walk routes around Slagelse that are designed as to present a range of cultural and historical sites as well as the beautiful scenery. Furthermore, there is a variety of other municipal efforts that focus on improving public health and introducing children to the joy of physical activity.

More information: www.slagelse.dk