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Program Background

Our program mission is to create an Active World by identifying, providing recognition for and supporting communities and cities that promote the physical, personal and social benefits of active living.

Physical inactivity is recognized as a major independent risk factor for the loss of physical, social and psychological health by most scientists, politicians and humanitarians. Physical and psychological health, and related costs, could be significantly improved, and social cohesion and integration can be greatly enhanced by increasing both the levels of physical activity and the networks that support physical and social health. Consequently, the promotion of physical activity should be a fundamental political and practical objective of city and community administrators around the world.

However, there is evidence that people are less active than ever before. Too many find it increasingly difficult to build activity into their everyday lives because of increasing work and family pressures, desk jobs, lack of space and the virtualization of social life through computers and media. As a result, there is more sedentary behaviour and obesity and a loss of physical culture and a feeling of community.

TAFISA, as the leading international Sport for All organization, has as its mission to promote and encourage Sport for All and physical activity, and ultimately works to shape programs and events that enable citizens to become more active through its member organizations and other governmental and non-governmental networks. This is why TAFISA has developed the

‘Active Cities – Active Communities – Active Citizens’ Program, the ‘Triple AC’.