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The 5 Key Success Areas


The Triple AC and SportCityNet programs aim to:

  • Provide an understanding of what is, and why become, an active city, community or citizen,
  • Provide practical tools to help cities and communities evaluate their current status and existing good practices against the Triple AC concept, establish areas for improvement, develop and achieve objectives including running events and programs, monitor and evaluate results, and utilize the Triple AC network,
  • Provide a network for information and experience sharing, and
  • Ultimately improve life quality.


Whilst they are based on thoroughly researched theory, they are highly practical, with references to currently existing frontrunners and good practice examples. 

Above all, the programs engage local governments of cities in the development of physical activity and Sport for All through:

  •   Political commitment,
  •   Institutional change,
  •   Capacity building,
  •   Partnership-based planning,
  •   Awareness development,
  •   Targeted resources and programs,
  •   Urban development efforts,


They promote a comprehensive, systematic and sustainable approach to creating active cities and communities.

In consequence, 5 “Key Success Areas” (KSA) that have been researched and proven to be effective by cities like Liverpool, UK, have been developed to serve as a framework to help cities achieve their objectives. They are the foundation of the Triple AC and SportCityNet programs, and the elements of reference when building an Active City. A “holistic active city” must indeed combine the five following KSA:

  • Knowledge & Awareness
  • Cooperation & Partnership
  • Programs & Events
  • Spaces & Places
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Continuous Improvement.

Comprehensive descriptions of the 5 Key Success Areas are provided in this section.