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SportCityNet is a project led by TAFISA as part of the European Union „Preparatory Actions: European Partnerships on Sport“. Co-funded by the European Commission, TAFISA, Ball Packaging Europe and Suomen Kunto ja Virkistys Oy, it started on the 1st of January 2013.
SportCityNet aims at improving the life quality in European cities and communities, increasing the levels of physical activity participation and integrating physical activity into the everyday lives by raising awareness, sharing knowledge and experiences about its benefits, and providing practical tools for the promotion of Sport for All in the city setting.
Its main result is the publication of a “toolkit” designed for cities and containing a description of the 5 Key Success Areas to become an Active City, a set of good practices and a step-by-step approach to create an Active City strategy.

The project gathers 11 national partners and pilot cities coming from various EU countries.

The partners:

  • Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity
  • Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism
  • Finnish Sport for All Association
  • Gerlev Sports Academy, Denmark
  • National Olympic Committee of Denmark
  • Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth
  • Bulgarian Sport for All Association
  • Hungarian Leisure Sports Association
  • Latvian Sport for All Association
  • Cultural and Scientific Association of Tourism and Leisure, Spain
  • TAFISA, Germany

The Cities:

Three project meetings were held on key milestones in:

  • March 2013 in Wiesbaden, Germany
  • October 2013 in Enschede, the Netherlands
  • May 2014 in Guimarães, Portugal.

In June 2014, SportCityNet and its toolkit have fully been integrated into the TAFISA Worldwide “Triple AC” program (Active Cities, Active Communities, Active Citizens), supported by  the International Olympic Committee. It is open to all continents.